Annex | David Dale Gallery & Studios



David Dale Gallery’s 2017 exhibitions programme is presented with an overarching title, and a set of conditions that will develop towards a collection of shared themes and concerns across the year’s six exhibitions. It is intended that the exhibitions sit in discourse with one another, developing a conversation, not in service to a particular theme. All six exhibitions within the programme are autonomous, yet will be in consideration of their neighbours within the programme. Elaboration on the themes, expansion and evolution of the context will take place over 2017, with the view of opening new paths of engagement to our exhibitions programme and developing, over the year, a collection of texts, discourse and responses to the programme.

The title is Annex. The conditions are that there are only solo exhibitions, and that every exhibition (onsite) uses the gallery and external warehouse space (woodwork).

Annexation is a sustained interaction. Its form is expansive, its content fluid. History inflects the whole, the parts pre-date their union. Expansion expands when identity is imposed, and there the snag lies in wait. As growth subsumes outlying regions, interaction is unavoidable. That which is annexed is inferior, at least that’s how things start.

Taking the form of six solo exhibitions, Annex will be driven by the requirement that each artist present new work in two locations: the gallery’s onsite exhibition space and its external warehouse. The utilisation of both sites, and their interaction, is the project’s fundamental principle. By imposing architectural division on each exhibiting artist, Annex aims to provoke responses in practice.

The terms of expansion pursued by Annex are two-fold. Conceptually, the project seeks the growth of artistic practice into new areas of investigation. Physically, it presents an increase in available exhibition space. The resulting interactions – between artist and artwork, between elements of artistic practice, between artist and institution, between institutional spaces, and between one artist and another – shifting from one exhibition to the next, and unfolding across the entirety of the programme, form the core of Annex.

Annex is a process framed by the navigation of the conversations it produces. The expansion required by this project, the shifting identities of centre and periphery, entails a break with the continuous present of the unchanging. An annex is a site of development. Annexation is the beginning of a new group of relations.


The exhibitions for Annex are:

I. Rob Chavasse, Slow Dance, 25.02 – 01.04.17
II. Lauren Hall, Private Secretaries, 29.04 – 03.06.17
III. Stefania Batoeva & Goran Chanter, It Is Forever Ours, Curated by Swimming Pool, Sofia, 07.07 – 05.08.17
IV. Christopher MacInnes, Spores of Love, 22.09 – 21.10.17
V. Off-Site: Toby Christian, The News, Swimming Pool, Sofia, 28.10 – 26.11.17
VI. Hanne Lippard, Numb Limb, 03.11 – 09.12.17