Summer Residency - Thank You Very Much | David Dale Gallery & Studios

Summer Residency – Thank You Very Much

Summer Residency – Thank You Very Much

Throughout the Summer of 2017 David Dale Gallery played host to Thank You Very Much in The Secret Garden. Thank You Very Much is Marco Giordano, Aymeric Tarrade, Caitlin Merrett King and Mark McQueen, a group of artists who organise exhibitions and events in Glasgow. Since 2016 TYVM have hosted performance nights and exhibitions at 16 Nicholson Street, The Pipe Factory and Crownpoint Studios, inviting performers, artists and curators at all levels to perform, exhibit or curate and write for their events, with a view to always maintaining a collaborative approach.

The Summer Residency at David Dale Gallery was a programme of events and exhibitions including performance nights, live music, solo and group exhibitions, and dinners throughout June and July 2017.

The Secret Garden is supported by Stalled Spaces and Clyde Gateway.

You’re Too Kind

Angeli Bhose & Kirsty Leonard, Bryony Rose, Conor Baird, Francesca Hawker, Robert Mills plus after party with Sarra Wild (OH141), Francis Dosoo (Rhythm Machine), Nathan Smith (OCTOCHAMP)


Sports Day

PLUS a half time sound performance by Roi Carmeli and Mike Fowler



DJ Ronan Fay, Francesca Hawker, DJ Jungle Hussy, Lylo (live), Raya Mitchell, Pleasure Pool (live), Katie Shannon, Annie Lowry Thomas



Maud Craigie, Sian Robinson Davies, Calvin Laing, Alex Millar, George Morris, Samuel Taylor + guests, curated by Rowan Markson