500 Boxes of Contraband

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500 Boxes of Contraband

Programmed by curator in residence 2016, James Lee

Still from Reflection Paper No.1. (2013) Taocheng Wang. Image courtesy of the artist

Moving image works by Hannah Black, Anibal López (A-1 53167), Jill Magid and Taocheng Wang with live readings from James Bell and Georgia Horgan
Curated by Cicely Farrer and James Lee

Saturday 27 August 3 – 4pm

David Dale Gallery’s
 Curator In Residence, James Leehas collaborated with Dundee-based curator Cicely Farrer to organise an event of artist moving image and responsive readings, designed to open up the David Dale Gallery space for speculations on the deployment and actuality of liberalism. 

In 2007, Guatemalan conceptual artist Anibal López (1964-2014) paid smugglers to transport 500 empty boxes from Paraguay to Brazil as a piece of conceptual art mimicking the illegal transport routes and testing the state border controls. As a publicised art work, the act itself by a renowned artist, is suspected to have been a cover for the actual smuggling of illegal contraband under the guise of contemporary art. In this work, the artist appropriates the transportation routes of the smugglers, testing neoliberal state infrastructures which advocate for free movement and free markets, yet are not always consistently deploying them. 

Reading this art work abstractly, as a repetition of a device in order to deconstruct and confront its contexts, the curators will screen moving image works by Hannah Black, Jill Magid and Taocheng Wang, and invite artists James Bell and Georgia Horgan to select readings as a response.

More information about the artists will be available at the screening alongside programme notes by the curators.

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