Finite Project Altered When Open

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Finite Project Altered When Open

06.06 – 04.07.15
Closing event Sat 4 July 5pm till late

Saturdays | 12 – 6pm
Or by appointment.

So, its been five years – I know, hard to believe, right? But a good five years, we’ve had the chance to work with some amazing people, amazing people who’ve made David Dale Gallery what it is. And that calls for a celebration surely. A celebration, but also a chance for reflection – a rare chance to look inward for a change and think about what we do as an organisation rather than maintain the standard focus on artists and exhibitions. Of course, the two are inseparable, but the former rarely has a public face.

And, so, what we decided was Finite Project Altered When Open – a project, of course taking cues from Robert Morris (and Jonathan Monk after that), to serve as a summary of what we do and have done. We know there’s an end point, just not when, and we know that we’re constantly changing, but not to what end – and definitely not daily anyway. Like Morris’ 1969 original, elements of chance, intuition and removal of authorship are aspects to be celebrated and promoted rather than simply acknowledged or accepted.

The form our version takes has a simple logic to follow – We are inviting a large (80 so far confirmed) selection of artists, writers and curators who we have worked with previously, over the past five years, to contribute works (or texts, instructions to be enacted, constructed scenarios – contributions) to be installed over the duration of the exhibition. While the exhibition is on, between 06 June and 04 July, works will be installed, moved and removed while we’re open or in the gallery. The gallery will open as empty and works will be installed as and when they arrive, when we get round to it, and where we think works. On the 4th July we stop, call it an exhibition, and have a party – which, of course, you are invited to. The artists, writers, curators and organisations are free to contribute whatever they see fit. A full list of participants, which may increase, follows below.

Alberta Whittle
Alec Mackenzie
Alex Impey
Amol Patil
Andrew Campbell
Carla Scott Fullerton
Carwyn Evans
Ciara Phillips
Clark House Initiative
Claudia Comte
Dan Miller
Darren Tesar
Desmond Church
Ditte Gantriis
Edwin Pickstone
Emily Donnini
Erin Donnelly
Fiona Burke
Fiona Curran
Francis Mckee
Fresh Milk
George Vasey
Giuseppe Mistretta
Green Is Gold
Hannah James
Harry Meadley
Its our Playground
James Clarkson
James McLardy
Jamie Carter
Jo Addison
Jo Coupe
Joanna Waclawski
Justin Stephens
Kate V Robertson
Keith Allan
Kevin Hunt
Yokollection & Kevin McPhee
Kevin Pollock
Kilian Rüthemann
Kristian Smith
Lara Macleod
Laura Aldridge
Leo Fitzmaurice
Marco Giordano
Maria Toumazou
Marie-Michelle Deschamps
Mark King
Mark McQueen
Matthew Richardson
Natalie Feather
Natalie Yiaxi
Neil Clements
Nicola Wright
Nicolas Party
Nils Guadagnin
Peter Eramian
Phanos Kyriacou
Poonam Jain
Prabhakar Pachput
Rachel Adams
Rachel Maclean
Ralph Mackenzie
Ric Warren
Risa Tsunegi
Rob Chavasse
Ronald Williams
Rupali Patil
Sachin Bonde
Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski
Sarah Lowndes
Sarah Rose
Sarah Wright
Sean Edwards
Sören Hüttel
Steve Bishop
Stelios Kallinikou
Stuart Whipps
Tender Bar
The Duchy
The Grantchester Pottery
Theodoras Stamatogiannis
Tom Ireland
Tomas Downes
Travis Souza
Tyler Coburn
Video Art Network Lagos