In Conversation with Jennifer Bailey and Clara Weale

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In Conversation with Jennifer Bailey and Clara Weale

Programmed as part of Small Room, Jennifer Bailey

Wednesday 18th May
7 – 8pm

Jennifer Bailey and Clara Weale will be in conversation discussing the development and production of the four scents created for Small Room, Jennifer Bailey’s current show at David Dale Gallery.

Clara Weale is a designer and perfumer based in Glasgow. She is the Director of A Library of Olfactive Material, an open access resource for scent education, experience and experimentation in Glasgow. She is also a perfumer at Early Modern.

Jennifer Bailey (b. 1984, Beckenham, UK) currently lives and works in London. Her work explores the permeability of art and other forms of production to societal structures, desire, capital and paid work. She sometimes includes her family and friends in her work. She graduated from the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Outside of her art practice, Bailey works in education. 

Small Room continues until May 21st, open Thursday – Saturday 12-6pm. More information here.