Marc Etienne

Programmed by Thank You Very Much as part of Summer Residency.

Opening: 6-9pm
Friday 14th July

Exhibition: 12-6pm
Saturday 15th July

TYVM are proud to present..


Marc Etienne
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Marc Etienne is a Marseille based artist, born in 1987. He recently turned 30. Amongst other things he loves to draw, listen to music, play games and bend metal.

He is also the recipient of the 2017 residency exchange between Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Triangle France.

Here is what he says about himself :

” I’ve read that the hermit crab uses the sea anemone for several different purposes. According to his state of mind, he can alternately assign her a protective function or a domestic function. I think I like this way of seeing the world and I like to apply it to the way I make things.

The pieces I make result from observations. I think I observe all the time, in a lazy or in a studious way, it depends. I observe songs, landscapes, feelings, buildings, clothes… I like to make bigger things I have contemplated. I like to give too much time to the details on the front of a house by drawing it a thousand times for example. It amuses me to write or to spell a rap song line again and again, till I lose the meaning of it. That way the things that I have observed become mine.

I consider myself as a fan. I reproduce, transform objects, I draw dead or living legends, I draw their houses , I make stories with that. I’m fascinated by what is already made. My studio is like the desk in the teenage fan’s room, on which he would copy the portrait of his favourite actress with his pencil. The pieces I make are like the reproductions of some spectacular photos he would have made with his pen. It takes time to reproduce each diamond of 2 Chainz’ s Gucci watch with a Tipp- Ex. It is a disproportionate labour compared to how easy and quick it was to take the picture. My work exists the most in this among of time. When I’m making it. Maybe that’s why I’m so slow.

I think I’m a huge fan of the hermit crab. I think I try to imitate him by living in what protects and what feeds me.”

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Poster by Local Service