Making The Unseen Seen

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Making The Unseen Seen

Programmed by curator in residence 2016, James Lee

Making The Unseen Seen
Saturday 10th December, 1 – 4.30pm


Glasgow based curator Katherine Murphy, in collaboration with David Dale Gallery’s Curator in Residence James Lee, will engage in a ‘Dérive’ inspired event in response to Tessa Lynch’s exhibition, Wave Machine at David Dale Gallery.

The event takes inspiration from Guy Debord’s concept of ‘Dérive’: an act of temporal immersion in a city’s intrinsic mystery and beauty; observing the ghostly presence of forgotten histories and ideas that leave their traces upon architecture and place. The event also engages with Feminist inspired literature upon the subject of the ‘Flâneuse’, a city wanderer and gendered equivalent of the male ‘Flânuer’ as explored by writer Lauren Elkin in her book ‘Flâneuse’.

Inviting participants to wander the city, with accompanying discussions, readings and reflections, the event asks those taking part to see the city afresh through the eyes of a modern day ‘Flâneuse’ or ‘Flâneur’: taking a moment to pause and aestheticize one’s surroundings; looking out yet aiming a reciprocal gaze back.

Meeting at 1pm Saturday 10th December, at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Dawson Road, the event will begin with a discussion involving artist Tessa Lynch, which then leads into the walk which will be punctuated by a series of interruptions by invited voices; activating specific sites of interest with readings and writing. The event will conclude with a serving of warm mulled wine at the exhibition Wave Machine, David Dale Gallery.

The event is FREE but sign up from Eventbrite linked here is necessary. The event will be limited to 15 people. Participants are asked to dress for the weather.

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