Out of Office Auto-Reply

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Out of Office Auto-Reply

A reading marathon, publication launch and performance by James St. Findlay.
Programmed by Daisy Lafarge, MAP Magazine.

Saturday 14th July
Garden, David Dale Gallery

Please join us for a reading marathon and publication launch of Out of Office Auto-Reply, with a performance by James St. Findlay.

Out of Office Auto-Reply is a collaborative serial fiction project that has inhabited MAP’s reviews section over the last two months, comprising a playful excursion from critical art writing. Following the character of Colin Clout – a sixteenth century persona of dissent, here reimagined as an art critic – a chapter has been published on MAP each week from one of the artists and writers invited to contribute. The project culminates with this reading marathon including the tenth chapter which offers a response to Stephanie Hier’s exhibition.

Out of Office Auto-Reply is published in an edition of 100, with contributions from William Kherbek, Eley Williams, Susan Finlay, Suzanne van der Lingen, Sarah Tripp & Simon Buckley, Khairani Barokka, Jeremy Millar, Alberta Whittle and Sophie Collins. Conceived and edited by Daisy Lafarge, designed and illustrated by James St. Findlay.

Click here to read all ten chapters of Out of Office Auto-Reply on MAP Magazine

Many thanks to readers – Kirsty Hendry, Jake Watts, Suzanne van der Lingen, Gordon Douglas, Hannah von Hove, Cicely Farrer, Sian Robinson Davies and Peter Amoore.