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Jess Higgins, Lucy Duncombe and Jude Browning
Programmed by Jude Browning

Saturday 26th January

Doors at 7pm
7:15pm – Lucy Duncombe
8pm – Jess Higgins
8:20pm – Jude Browning

Pre-ramble is the first in a series of events programmed by Jude Browning and David Dale Gallery which uses the gallery as a rehearsal space for live performance.

Launching the programme are artists Jude Browning, Lucy Duncombe and Jess Higgins. They have been commissioned to develop new works which consider the difference between the present tense of performance and the sense of time in reading. Each of the artists engage with shifts from writing to the live voice to explore how questions of delivery can be addressed.

The event will take place as a “dress rehearsal” for work in progress and acknowledges how performance can rely on the presence of a live audience.


Lucy Duncombe

“And If I Was A Word Could My Letters Number A Hundred? – More Likely Coarse And Guttural – One Syllable – Anglo Saxon”

A work of horny and depressing fan fiction as seven centuries are collapsed together into a single, degenerative narrative. Featuring Patty Waters, Napalm Death, The Minutemen, Kylie Minogue, and Studio Der Fruhen resurrected in a mutant playlist.

*with dancing and lip syncing by Marina Bello.


Jess Higgins

Partly Stressed (to bee, you see) is a performance caught in a holding pattern and trying to improvise its way out of the room. Drawing loosely on some principles of ‘tragedy’ as circling towards event, counter circling in the fallout and punctuated by ritual song, improvisational chains, something about a grape harvest(?), and the wheeling out of an aftermath – this performance pits punctures in the present tense via oral gestures and ambiguous moves, suspended between vehicular languages of formal address and a rhythmic, romantic idiolect.


Jude Browning

A Good Man Speaking Well is a recited monologue which closely describes the gestures of a man’s morning routine.