Small Room

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Small Room

Jennifer Bailey

09.04 – 21.05.22

Saturday 9th April | 3 – 7pm

Thursday – Saturday | 12 – 6pm

In Conversation with Jennifer Bailey and Clara Weale
Wednesday 18th May | 7-8pm
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Small Room is an exhibition of photography, sculpture and atmospherics that draws on the conditions of my art practice from my school days onwards.

The show makes formal the psychic texture of my working life: bedroom economics; moods; others’ work (and labour); the sly forces of capital; dependency; identity management; evasion and self-confession, while working with and against the inadequate conservation (both mnemonic and archival) of my artwork over the years. This revisionism betrays certain things and obscures others. It is a heavy and joyful edit.

The small room of the title is simultaneously the productive mind; the name of the last space I showed my work (on Instagram because of Covid-19 restrictions); the refuge of the interim: rentier, schoolkid, student, freelancer, and an allegorical comforting place.


Jennifer Bailey (b. 1984, Beckenham, UK) currently lives and works in London. Her work explores the permeability of art and other forms of production to societal structures, desire, capital and paid work. She sometimes includes her family and friends in her work. She graduated from the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Outside of her art practice, Bailey works in education. 

Recent exhibitions include, Photographs, containers and an interview, Small Room, Montreal, CA, 2021 (solo); ATM, Gallery Malmo, Edinburgh, UK, 2020 (solo); Only nothing, Rhubaba, Edinburgh, UK, 2019; Bone Meal, The Hidden Gardens, Tramway, Glasgow, UK, 2018; Will I Make a Good Father, Mother, Sister?, Collective, Edinburgh, UK, 2016 (solo); A Brief History of Girliness, Space in Between, London, UK, 2016 (solo); and Women and Walls, Reflektor M, Munich, DE, 2016.


Supported by a-n and Creative Scotland.