tender spots in hard code… fraught with potential, fragile with indecision

Upcoming Exhibition

tender spots in hard code… fraught with potential, fragile with indecision

Kate Frances Lingard with Rebecca Gill, Leo Robinson, Benjamin Hall, Emelia Kerr Beale and Colm Guo-Lin Peare

17.09 – 23.10.21

Kate Frances Lingard is the 2020 finalist from arebyte’s annual young artist development programme, hotel generation. The programme mentors the next generation of UK digital artists, based outside of London, during the critical early stages of establishing a career in the arts. 

This exhibition is currently on display at arebyte until 24th July 2021. 

Kate Frances Lingard lives and works in Glasgow. At the moment, they are thinking about how to enact an ethics/politics of care within the digital commons. Working with digitally created images, objects, environments and playing around with programming, they hope to question systems that define how we act and live together. Recently, they have been working with friends and collaborators to discuss the possibilities and complexities of decentralised and distributed technologies as shared infrastructure.

Rebecca Gill is based in Glasgow. Her research interests include (re)distributions of power in network politics, game theory and technologies, and the possibility for accessing/organising in digital space through these.

Leo Robinson is a multimedia artist living and working in Glasgow whose practice stems from his own meditations and inner experiences. Robinson’s work observes the existing canon of world religions, magic and spirituality and creates new mythologies with the aim of fluidifying this canon into a living fabric of narratives using an array of re-appropriated images and symbols. 

Benjamin Hall is an artist working in film, new media, animation, installation, creative computing, printmaking and writing. His work is concerned with the expectations and formatting issues attached to ‘content-creation’ and the communities that form around them, on and off the internet. 

Emelia Kerr Beale is a Nottingham born artist currently based in Glasgow. Working across drawing, sculpture and textile, their work explores the relationship between imagination and resilience, and seeks to create moments where anxiety and joy can intersect. They also think about interdependence, dedication, exhaustion, and things that do not yet seem possible.

Colm Guo-Lin Peare is a former committee member of Transmission Gallery and currently sits on the Advisory Board of LUX Scotland. Recent contributions to conferences and panels include Reorganising Cultural Institutions, BALTIC, Systems are doing it for themselves, Embassy Gallery and Edinburgh College of Art, and A Place for the Work and the Human Being, The Common Guild.

Image: Kate Frances Lingard, still from tender spots in hard code… (2021). Commissioned by arebyte.