At Practise Season One


Saturday 7 May 2022

To celebrate the launch of issue 4 of At Practise and begin the new Summer season of events we’d like to welcome you to an evening of live works in progress with performances and readings by Clay AD, Jennifer Bailey, Rabindrinath X Bhose and Wormhook.

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At Practise is a publication, performance and discursive project programmed by Jude Browning. The series explores the rehearsal-as-form to create an experimental testing ground for new work. During Summer 2022 David Dale Gallery will be used as a space for live interdisciplinary events and peer-led conversations which ask how the live voice relates to forms of public address.

Artist Bios

Clay “Onion” AD is a north node Capricorn who is a student of the body. His expressions of that study are art, writing and offering somatic bodywork 1-on-1 with folks. His forthcoming poetry book, Holy Bodies will be published this summer by Pilot Press.

Jennifer Bailey (b. 1984, Beckenham, UK) currently lives and works in London. Her work explores the permeability of art and other forms of production to societal structures, desire, capital and paid work. She sometimes includes her family and friends in her work. She graduated from the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Outside of her art practice, Bailey works in education.

Rabindrinath X Bhose is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. He graduated from the Ruskin School of Art in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art and from the School of the Damned DIY alternative MFA in 2019. He has exhibited and performed work throughout the UK.

Wormhook is an experimental neurodivergent free folk sound project, utilising text/poetry, naive instrumentation, field recordings and improvised/spontaneous utterances/songs. It speaks about a post 2008 Britain and is concerned with presence and mythology, transmutation, love and loss, dreams and visionary encounters. 

Saturday 30 October 2021

The third live At Practise event took place on the 30th October 6-8pm in the gallery at David Dale Gallery. Artists Tako Taal, Cinzia Mutigli and Wormhook shared experimental performances of work currently in development.

The event was also the launch of At Practise: Issue 2 with writing by Jessa Mockridge, Nat Raha and Rebecca Lennon, and At Practise: Issue 3 with writing by Hannah Regel, Naomi Pearce, Nisha Ramayya and Rabindranath A Bhose! 

At Practise 2021 was a three-part performance and publication project conceived and led by Associate Programmer and artist Jude Browning. In June, August and October 2021 nine UK based artists, working across visual art, writing, and performance, were invited to use the gallery as a rehearsal space and to share new work in development in front of a live audience. The artists’ work engage with writing and live modes of delivery, with a generative use of queer and feminist tactics to challenge how power and notions of embodiment can be understood and enacted.

Click here to watch Cinzia Mutigli’s performance again on IGTV. 

Artist Bios

Tako Taal is an artist-filmmaker and programmer living in Glasgow. She graduated in 2015 from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. Taal was a 2019 RAW Academy fellow at RAW Material Company, Dakar and Artist in Residence at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2018-20.

In 2021 Taal was shortlisted for the 2021 Margaret Tait Award; her work is presented at NADA House, Governors Island, New York; and she is co-programmer of GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, LUX Scotland’s artists’ moving image festival. In 2020 her work was presented at Glasgow Short Film Festival, Tramway, Glasgow and Glasgow Women’s Library.  Taal’s work was part New Cinema Competition at the 14th Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, 2018.

Other exhibitions include: Glasgow Women’s Library, 2019; Grand Union, Birmingham, 2018; CCA Glasgow, 2017; Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal, 2017; Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2019; New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy, 2016.

Claude Nouk (Sound Artist + Sound Designer/Mixer for Film)
Magnifying the quotidian elements that make use who we are, Claude Nouk is concerned with the ambient sounds and images that reflect the postdrome of supposed open societies, symbols we pass by in our everyday lives. Their practice experiments with chosen vs. imposed context contained in gesture or expression on the basis of social circumstance. They weave sonic, visual and textual disciplines within their mixed media pieces both referencing and questioning contemporary movements of progress.

Cinzia Mutigli is an artist born in Edinburgh and based in Cardiff. She works across a range of media including text, performance and video. Mutigli creates work linking her own story to wider cultural histories. She considers how domestic, socio-political and popular cultural environments interact to impact our persona, psychologies and sense of self. Mutigli talks about patterns, habits, cycles and loops. Recurring themes and motifs include wallpaper, hair, rehearsals and putting on an act. She shares the limelight with popular cultural icons and sometimes they stand in for each other.

Recent projects include: I’ve Danced at Parties, Survey II, Jerwood Arts (2021);  Sweet Wall, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh (2020); Cheery Like Lorraine Kelly’s Cheery (text) for ON CARE, Ma Biblioteque (2020); My Boring Dreams featuring Kylie, Neneh, Whitney and the Gang for Chips & Egg, The Sunday Painter Gallery, London (2019); and Diana Ross Shaped, Cubitt Arts, London (2018). Mutigli has also worked collaboratively with Freya Dooley on several projects since 2013.

Martin Steuck is an artist living and working in Glasgow, their practice is broad and seeks to incorporate DIY sound-making and collaborative improvisations, film, drawing and text/poetry.

Wormhook is a project that has been slowly unfolding over the last two years, it seeks to generate and share improvised sound works, using naive instrumentation, voice, field recordings and spoken text/poetry. Wormhook is a host who exists between the realms of our commonplace capitalist hell and the spirit world, writing love songs to God, regurgitating adverts, collaging and smashing together experiences of psychic rupture/revelation, dreams and visions.

Saturday 14 August 2021

The second live At Practise event took place on the 14th of August 7-9pm in David Dale Gallery’s courtyard space. Hannah Regel, Naomi Pearce, Rabindranath A Bhose and Nisha Ramayya shared experimental performances of work currently in development. The live presentations were BSL interpreted by Amy Helena and Craig McCulloch.

Click here to watch the performances again on IGTV. 

Click here to buy At Practise: Issue 3 featuring new writing by Hannah Regel, Naomi Pearce, Rabindranath A Bhose and Nisha Ramayya. 

Artist Bios

Hannah Regel lives in London. From 2012-2019 she was the co-editor of the feminist art journal SALT. Hannah has two published collections of poetry, When I Was Alive and Oliver Reed (both Montez Press, 2017 and 2020). She is currently working on her first novel. 

Naomi Pearce is a writer and curator. Projects include 56 Artillery Lane, Raven Row, London (co-curated with Amy Budd) and OSTEON, Matt’s Gallery, London. Her essays, reviews and fiction have been published by The Happy Hypocrite, Goldsmiths Press, The White Review, Film and Video Umbrella, Art Monthly, Art Review and SALT Magazine, amongst others. In 2020 she completed an AHRC-funded practice-based PhD researching women administrators, artist studios and gentrification at the University of Edinburgh. She is a member of the Rita Keegan Archive Project, a social history and curatorial collective that seeks to preserve and share the collections of artist Rita Keegan, forthcoming activities include an exhibition at South London Gallery in September 2021.

Nisha Ramayya grew up in Glasgow and is currently based in London. Her collection States of the Body Produced by Love (2019) is published by Ignota Books. Recent poems and essays can be found in The Contemporary JournalSpam Zine, and audiograft festival of experimental music and sound art.

Rabindranath A Bhose (born 1993) grew up in London and lives and works in Glasgow. He graduated from the Ruskin School of Art in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art, completed the School of the Damned DIY MA Art Programme in 2019, and has been a committee member at Market Gallery since 2018. Recent exhibitions and performances include; Platform, Edinburgh Art Festival (2020), Digital Slip, Double Okay (2020), All was vibrating fur, Limbo (2019); All vibrating fur, Civic House (2019); SINC, Backlit (2019); A Small Pause To Unfold, Keir Street (2019); Rock-a-bye Bivalve, Delicious Clam (2019); Artist Spread, The Project Café (2018).

Amy Helena is an actor and theatre maker based in Scotland recently graduating from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She strongly identifies herself as an actor that happens to be deaf. She believes that her deafness has nothing to do with her abilities as an artist and her work. 

Craig McCulloch is an actor, director, translator, BSL consultant and workshop leader based in Scotland. He graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2018 and was part of the first cohort in the ground-breaking new BA Performance in BSL/English course

At Practise 1

Saturday 19 June 2021

The first live At Practise event took place on the 19th of June, 7-9pm in David Dale Gallery’s courtyard space. Jessa Mockridge, Nat Raha & Rebecca Lennon shared experimental performances of work currently in development.

The event also marked the launch of At Practise: Issue 1 which brings together printed contributions by the nine artists who performed at Pre-ramble in 2020. Designed with Maeve Redmond and printed by Sunday’s Print Service, the booklet is available to purchase at David Dale Gallery, Yellow Back Books and Good Press.

Click here to watch the performances again on IGTV. 

Click here to buy At Practise: Issue 2 which features new writing by Jessa Mockridge, Nat Raha and Rebecca Lennon.

Artist Bios

Jessa Mockridge: I’m an artist and writer (Cape Town) living in London. I work with print, performance, sound and moving image. I’m interested in the power dynamics of media in relation to the body and a politics of listening; a feminist ear that can also be an eye, skin or fist. I am co-editor of PaperWork, an art writing print publication and event series.

Nat Raha is a poet and queer / trans activist-scholar, based in Edinburgh. Her third collection of poetry is of sirens, body & faultlines (Boiler House Press, 2018). Nat is a Research Fellow on the ‘Life Support: Forms of Care in Art and Activism’ project, University of St Andrews, which will host an exhibition at Glasgow Women’s Library in August. She co-edits Radical Transfeminism Zine.

Rebecca Lennnon is an artist working with video, performance, writing, sound and music. Rebecca Lennon graduated from the Slade School of Art, London MA 2010, and is a lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth and Royal College of Art.  Upcoming/recent exhibitions include: Galeria Duarte Sequiera, Braga, Portugal, 2021, Kaunas Film Festival, Lithuania, 2020 and Whitstable Biennial, 2018 with solo shows at Southwark Park Galleries, London 2021, Primary, Nottingham, 2020,  Almanac, Turin, Italy, 2019 and Matts Gallery, London, 2018. Rebecca recently featured in ‘On Care, an anthology of artists writing’, published by MA Bibliotheque, 2020 and on BBC Late Junction 2019/2020.