At Practise Season Two

Friday 11th August 2023

At Practise is back for 2023! We will be hosting live work from Lila Matsumoto, Rose Dagul and Sam Keogh. Please join us on Friday 11th of August 7-9pm for an evening of performances, poetry, music, storytelling, improvisation and art straddling delicious spaces in between.  

At Practise is a performance series programmed by Associate Programmer Jude Browning. The project explores modes of rehearsal to create a testing ground for new and live interdisciplinary art forms. At Practise asks how the live voice relates to forms of public address, both through performance and the gathering together of bodies in a shared space. 

Excited to see you this (almost) Summer Solstice Saturday!

Artist Bios

Lila Matsumoto is a poet living in Nottingham. Recent work includes Two Twin Pipes Sprout Water (Prototype), Foggy Eyes (Earthbound Press), and Many Glorious Petals (Feeding Tube Records). She co-runs the music and performance series Rammel Club and in 2021 co-curated Pommel, a programme of videos by artists working between textual, visual, and sonic media. She plays in the band Food People and teaches poetry at the University of Nottingham. 

Rose Dagul is a cellist and fibre artist based in Glasgow. They make pop songs, textiles and compositions, often collaborating with other artists on generative projects exploring ephemeral and generous ways of working together. Their interest lies in making processes visible, including the realms of music-making, pedagogy, experimentation, imperfection, repetition or the unfinished. Amongst their current projects, Rose performs and composes with improv band ‘Rutger Hauser’, and is a member of Glasgow’s New String Collective. 

Sam Keogh is an artist who lives and works between Glasgow and Co. Wicklow. Recent exhibitions include: The Unicorn is Killed and Brought to the Castle Cartoon at Primary, Nottingham;Sated Soldier, Sated Peasant, Sated Scribe, Goldsmiths CCA; Rethinking Nature; Museo Madre, Naples; Cosmopolis #2, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Knotworm 15th Lyon Biennial; Integrated Mystery House, Eva International, Limerick; Kapton Cadaverine, Glasgow International; Orbital Debris, 1646, The Hague; Eurocopter EC135 Dortmunder Kunstverein, Germany.

Saturday 18th June 2022

Welcome to a new season of At Practise! Our second series begins with live work from Alicia Matthews, Chris Timms and Verity Spott. Please join us at David Dale Gallery on Saturday 18th June 7-9pm for an evening of performances, poetry and experimentations in noisiness.

At Practise is a publication, performance and discursive project programmed by Associate Programmer Jude Browning. The series explores the rehearsal-as-form to create a testing ground for new work. During Summer 2022 David Dale Gallery will be used as a space for live interdisciplinary events and peer-led conversations which ask how the live voice relates to forms of public address.

At Practise Issues 1-4 will be available to purchase on the night for £3 each!

Excited to see you this (almost) Summer Solstice Saturday!

Artist Bios

Alicia Matthews is an artist and audio maker living in the Outer Hebrides. Recent projects have used moving image and sound to explore notions of communion, time and speculative fictions in both natural and synthetic environments. Prior work has been exhibited/ performed to audiences around the UK (including at Glasgow Tramway, Camden Arts Centre, Tate Modern & Tate Britain) and internationally at galleries & festivals in Lublin, Guangzhou and New York. Past compositions have been commissioned by the likes of Jerwood Resonance & Radiophrenia. Musical projects include, SUE ZUKI (NTS Radio), LAPS (DFA recs, MIC recs), Organs of Love (Optimo Music) and co-running the independent record label Domestic Exile.

Chris Timms (b.1984) is an artist from Wicklow currently based in London. He works with writing, sound, film and performance. In 2018 he organised STUCCO ECHOES MOUTH, A TREMBLING OF THE FRAME, a performance-listening event which commissioned responses to Alvin Lucier’s I’m Sitting In A Room (1969), emphasising the stutter in the work (often overlooked in contemporary reiterations) and the works origin as a Fluxus score. This emerged from a long-term project exploring stuttering, writing and performance, which looked at visitations, a mediaeval stammering monk and Physic Gardens. He has also worked with artist’s Elaine Reynolds and Frank Wasser as THE LIVING NEWSPAPER, an exploration of the historical convergence and influence of Fluxus and Relational Art practices within the general managerial cultures of the administration of labour practices within museums.

Verity Spott is a poet who lives in Brighton where they co-run the monthly poetry, performance and music event Horseplay. Alongside Kat Addis, Verity facilitates poetry sessions at the Hollingdean Community Centre. Verity’s books include Coronelles Set 1, Hopelessness, 70 Sonnets, Click Away Close Door Say, We Will Bury You and Gideon. Verity is a member of the third worldist East Sussex Agrarian revolutionary group Lewes Maoist Action and is co-chair person of the Militant Wing of the Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats. In the past they have made theatre with Wolf Kid Theatre Company and currently play cello in the free jazz trio In Threads and the improvised tune duo Benzo Fury. Alongside James Burton, Verity edits the new small press and accompanying magazine Fatberg.