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Blue Grey Haze

Hannan Jones

Blue Grey Haze
Hannan Jones

Saturday 3rd June
Clyde Built Radio

Listen back below or click here to listen back on the Clyde Built Radio archive 

Hannan Jones has a research-led practice that deep dives into concepts of hybridity, rhythms, and psychogeography in response to cultural and social migration. Jones practises at the intersections of sound, sculpture, installation, and moving image. Recent presentations include: Counterflows, Glasgow (2023); Edinburgh Art Festival (2022); Sonica, Glasgow (2022); Well Projects, Margate (2022), New Radicalisms, Rotterdam (2022).

Blue Grey Haze is a sonic landscape that begins with a locked groove, serving as a rhythmic foundation that unfolds progressively and cyclically returns. It brings together new compositions, poems and research elements, field recordings, and collected audio materials that undergo deliberate sonic shifts, amplifying the sense of constellations within composition whilst sitting in a state of flux bound by the locked groove.

Exploring Scannell’s concept of “the doubling of place”, the notion that radio listeners occupy two places simultaneously—the physical place where the event unfolds and the subjective place where they engage with the listening experience. Blue Grey Haze embraces a non-linear approach, sitting with time as a fluid and subjective entity.

Unfolding through June – October this year, summer broadcasts is a series of four sound commissions by four Glasgow-based early career interdisciplinary artists currently working with sound, poetry, broadcast, or music. Responding to the increase in the foregrounding and programming of transient methods of working and interdisciplinary art practice within a contemporary visual art context over the last few years, this new programme seeks to continue to support these practices.

The commissioned works respond loosely to the theme of broadcast as a site for connection and reflection, and are supported with mentorship from local community radio station Clyde Built Radio. They will also be broadcast on Clyde Built Radio, who are based just up the road from the gallery in the Barras Market.

Image by Greer Lockyear.