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Programmed as part of Spurt Burnt Off The Features. “Master, The Sun Has Gone”, Alfie Strong

Saturday 24th April, 7pm
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Alfie Strong invites LAF Tebano to create a one-off performance in response to his exhibition, Spurt Burnt Off the Features “Master the Sun has Gone”. In this live set Tebano will apply his approach to improvised music in conversion with, and review of the enveloping environment made by Alfie Strong for the exhibition.

LAF Tebano is a visual artist, musician and performer from Southampton, UK. His work explores boredom and mysticism in contemporary culture through an intuitive embrace of materials and the post-industrial landscape. Through his research he produces art/ifacts, performances and happenings which assert the need for unknowability and enigma in creative practice.

LAF Tebanos’ sound works employ homemade instruments, voice and electronics to produce microtonal resonating drones which are used to explore unique environments. These trance evoking sounds exorcise the past and present seemingly transforming inactive spaces into otherworldly sites of reverberating radical potential.

LAF Tebano has lived in London, Copenhagen and Berlin and is currently based in Glasgow. He graduated in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2010 and was briefly enrolled in the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at UDK Berlin in 2018. Prior to cutting short his MFA at Glasgow School of Art, LAF Tebano has been active in the DIY art and music scene of Copenhagen co-founding the artist project space Whoa Now with collaborator Mette Hammer Juhl as well as co-running the DIY music label Zone Collective with label partner Toby Ridler.

Image: LAF Tebano, 2021. Photograph by Daniel Tebano.