Desde el jardín

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Desde el jardín

Sol Calero
Glasgow International 2016

08.04 – 21.05.16
Opening Saturday 09 April 6 – 9

Hours during GI Festival (08.04 – 25.04.16)
Daily 11 – 7

Hours after GI Festival (26.04 – 21.05.16)
Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6, or by appointment


Sorry, Is This Live?
Saturday 23 April 3 – 6

Closing Event and Screening
Saturday 21 May 5pm

David Dale Gallery are delighted to present Desde el Jardín, a large scale installation of new work by Venezuelan born, Berlin based artist Sol Calero.

Created as a set for an eponymous telenovela, Desde el Jardín appears as an opulent hacienda, caught between the sometime harmonious and sometime duelling aesthetics of Calero and the genre of telenovela. Using the most economic means to convey wealth and glamour, the set is all surface, and designed to be viewed from fixed viewpoints – look the wrong way and the illusion crumbles. The telenovela for which the set is designed is as real an endeavor as it could be though. Written and directed by Calero and artist Dafna Maimon, and produced with Conglomerate, the series is an original production, filmed within the set in the days preceding the exhibition opening. During the exhibition footage will be displayed within the set, however the final edit will be aired over the course of the year as part of Conglomerate’s programming at

Desde el Jardín

Amazonas, the young gardener of an extravagant estate, dreams of a luxurious, upper-class life. Be careful what you wish for. When she is begged by El Señor to secretly take over the identity of his ill and cursed wife who has just died, it quickly becomes apparent that Amazonas’ new life and dream of glamour and luxury is more of a nightmare. A cast of telepathic maids and the neighbour’s handsome gardener become wrapped up in a tale of intrigue, betrayal, greed and romance. Tune in to witness the dramatic conclusion of Amazonas’ struggles with her new identity, and what happens when El Señor starts showing signs of the same disease his original wife died from, a contagious curse of greed!

Sol Calero creates immersive installations that play with perceptions and expectations of gallery, artist and audience. Infused with politics of cultural representation and identity, Calero constructs environments, which are used to invite questions of the prescribed art historical canon and post-colonial interpretations of Latin America, informed by her own background and migration.

Working with cultural codes, Calero opens up the aesthetic and cultural relationships between motifs and artifacts, emphasising narratives of misuse and assimilation. This often takes aesthetic form through seductive paintings of exotic signifiers, such as decadent quantities of fruit, or disembodied stereotypical costumes. Her ‘exotic’ interiors often serve as spaces for social engagement, in the past creating a Latin hair salon, a restaurant, an art school, a cyber café and a Salsa dance school.

Desde el Jardín is commissioned by David Dale Gallery and Glasgow International 2016.

Sol Calero was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1982. She lives and works in Berlin, where she runs a project space alongside Christopher Kline, named Kinderhook & Caracas after their respective hometowns. Recent solo exhibitions include: Studio Voltaire, London (2015); Sala Mendoza, Caracas (2015); SALTS, Birsfelden (2015); Gillmeier Rech, Berlin (2014); Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (2014); and Frutta Gallery, Rome (2013). Recent group exhibitions include: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2015); and Mostyn, Llandudno (2015). Upcoming projects in 2016 include Statements at Art Basel, and exhibitions at Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, and Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria. Calero is represented by Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.

CONGLOMERATE is a collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk presented in the form of a television network. The project is realised by a core team of five artists and filmmakers: Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline and Dafna Maimon. These five act as executive producers, also inviting additional Berlin-based and international artists to create their own segments, sets, commercials and specials for the network. The aim is to mix diverse content ranging from documentary, melodrama, comedy, interview, music, and art into a unified body: 15-minute blocks composed of recurring shows and one-off segments broadcast on the web and eventually television. Headquartered at the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas, CONGLOMERATE comprises their entire 2016 programme.